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    I have been MIA for quite some time..

    Oh wells, Nothing interesting is happening,

    My life’s just turning out to be more shitty

    Suddenlly everyone’s gone and I am alone

    I realise people whom you think would be in your life forever doesen’t

    People don’t cherish friendship

    But this has just taught me lessons…

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    We all have been always complaining about what we don’t have,

    Me included, I am either whining, or complaining about everything around me

    And I realise, complaining just doesen’t make anything better,

    So I decided to cherish whatever I have now and be happy with life

    And than I realise I am so fortuante coz, many people around the world doesen’t have anything to begin with

    I must start treasuring the people around me and the stuffs they do for me

    My Family :) for always being there for me..

    My Mom for always wanting the best for me, for always putting my happiness before anything else, and making my life a perfect one even if it is not within her means..

    My sister for always being there to guide me, and of course all the things that she does for me :)

    My 2 darling nieces, Vandana and Shenthuri for brightening up my life with their smiles

    Wonderful friends

    A god given close friend/sister named Priya Darrshini

    My very supportive classmates

    and of everything Thank you my dear lord for brining me into your fold


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    So preety :)

    I want cupcakes, Who’s gonna get them for me??

    *looks sweetly at Priya*

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    My name is Khan… Is an awesome movie..

    I enjoyed and loved every bit of it..

    And of course the company I had..

    Priya Darrshini the emotional wreck..

    Had an awesome day, after a very long time

    Thanks for the wonderful time babe, and hearing my frustrations the later part of the day..

    Love you woman! 

    At the end of the day I was feeling miserable all over again

    I wonder why people never understand me..

    Why people don’t bother finding out how I feel

    Oh well, I miss my mom, She’s coming back on sunday and I can’t wait!

    Coz She’s the only one who would understand me without me even saying anything.

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    Mom’s away. THREE WEEKS

    Was wondering what the hell I am gonna do without her

    But now, I feel its time I grow up and be Independent

    Afterall that’s what I want

    And so I feel so much more better

    Though I miss having that only person whom I can Annoy/shout at/ laugh at/ vent at and oh of course pouring out everything

    Its only the 2nd day!

    Oh well I popped by at My darling Vandana’s place today

    She’s such a cutie, It was worth going down to spend time with her though I was so so so tired

    I have panda eyes now

    I look like I have done some massive crying when I did not cry at all

    Ps: to YOU. I know you are going through a hard time. Just wanna say never give up no matter what. You know you can always count on me. Cheer up and keep that smile on your face. Whatever has to happen will happen. We can’t do anything about it. And oh thanks for being such a great company when my mom’s away. Just by smsing me and all is already enough. Thank you!

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    Eat the damn chocolate cake, get your hair wet, love someone, dance in those muddy puddles, tell someone off, draw a picture with crayons like you’re still 6 years old and then give it to someone who is very important to you. Take a nap, go on a vacation, do a cartwheel, make your own recipe, dance like no one sees you, paint each nail a different color, take a bubble bath, laugh at a corny joke. Get on that table and dance, pick strawberries, take a jog, plant a garden, make an ugly shirt and wear it all day. Learn a new language, write a song, date someone you wouldn’t usually go for, make a scrap book, go on a picnic, relax in the sun, make your own home video, kiss the un-kissed, hug the un-hugged, love the unloved, and live your life to the fullest. So at the end of the day, you’ll have no regrets, no sorrows, no disappointments.

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